Techlity is your team of Component and Manufacturing Engineers armed with the best tools in the industry to make your processes the best in class. We carry the knowledge of how hundreds of companies manage their parts and how the main players in your industry deal with manufacturing process and data.


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Component Engineering

Parts database maintenance

We can add, remove and edit parts and information on your parts database. Standardize your PNs, part names, part descriptions and do all the dirty work everyone is too busy to do.

Obsolescence Management

Parts obsolescence is inevitable; however, proper management can help your company avoid unexpected costs. Techlity has the expertise to help your company deal with this issue. We don’t just forward you PCNs and EOLs, we provide a complete planned solution according to your requirements. Our company will have an active role in the obsolescence management following the development and sustainment of your products.

Select alternate parts and replacements

Our tools and experience will help you find alternates for your parts. When drop-in or FFF parts are not available, we provide similar parts with a detailed description of the differences between the original and the alternate parts. We can also find alternates based on a set of requirements provided by your company

Manufacturing process improvement

Electronic assembly processes have become more complex with the introduction of new alloys as the industry moved to pb-free. We can offer support on compatibility between components termination finishes and solder alloys. Additionally, we can help you improve your manufacturing process to avoid issues when using a wide variety of alloys

Compliance to environmental regulations

We provide a complete analysis of compliance to environmental regulations (like RoHS, REACH, NAS411 and others) and we can help your company to adjust your products to comply with them.

Data collection

We can collect and review all the data you need to confirm if a part is suitable for your design. Data we can collect includes, but is not limited to: Datasheets and errata sheets, Qualification Reports, Reliability data​, Termination plating alloys​, Materials Declaration Sheet, Soldering profiles and manufacturing information​, ECCN codes​, Cost​ and others.

Counterfeit avoidance

Counterfeit parts are widespread. If you don’t have a dedicated counterfeit avoidance process, you are a good target for counterfeiters. With our technical guidance you will be able to create and improve internal processes and greatly diminish the likelihood of acquiring counterfeit parts.

Controlled pb-free transition

If your company still struggles with the issues created by the pb-free transition, we can help you select the appropriate materials for your parts, boards and manufacturing without compromising the reliability of your equipment.

Development of control plans

Techlity will create plans like Electronic Component Management Plan (ECMP), Pb-Free Control Plan (LFCP), Obsolescence Management Plan, Counterfeit Avoidance Plan and others, that can be used by your company to control everything surrounding component management. ECMP, LFCP, OMP and CAP are based on IEC and SAE standards (IEC 62239-1, IEC 62396, IEC 62402, IEC 62647 series, IEC 62668, STD-0016, GEIA-STD-0005-1, AS5553), however, we can also use standards proposed by your company.

Process audit and improvement

Want to know if your internal processes are adequate? Let us audit and help you find your weak spots before they hit you. We can review your processes, suggest improvements, check compliance and much more. All of this, following international recognized standards like IECQ OD 3405, IECQ OD 3706 and other applicable standards

Manufacturing Engineering

Implementation Process

Evaluation of the “Implementation Process” (DO-254) objectives, such as, hardware production with a representative manufacturing process, assembly data completion and review, requirements derivation for the detailed design, and errors and omissions proper handling.

Production Transition Process

Evaluation of the “Production Transition Process” (DO-254) objectives, such as, consistent replication of the hardware, critical manufacturing requirements identification and control, requirements derivation to the loop, and errors appropriate resolution.

Definition of Critical Parameters and Requirements

Definition of manufacturing Critical Parameters, Requirements and product Key-characteristics through technical documentation: Product Specification (Drawings 2D: PCBs, PCBAs, Enclosure), SOW (Statement of Work) + MHLR, Manufacturing Audit Checklist, and QRS + PPAP (adaptation).

Support on Contract Manufacturer Selection

Definition of specific requirements and development of a CM risk assessment for high reliable electronics considering, but not limited to, NadCap and IPC Class 3 (IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600) requirements. Capabilities with X-ray, Flying Probe, Reflow Oven e Selective Soldering with N2, Reballing, cleanable and no-cleanable solder paste, cleaning process, Conformal Coating, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) initiatives, HASS in the production line, and, NPI (turn-key) Process

NPI  (New Product Introduction)

Definition and detailing of NPI Main Objectives, Evaluation of Design and Manufacturing data.

DFX (Design for eXcellence)

DFX methodologies application: DFM, Design for Manufacturing: Design for Fabrication (DFF) and Design for Assembly (DFA); Design for Testing (DFT); Design for Reliability (DFR); Design for Cost (DFC); and, Design for Environmental (DFE).

Manufacturing process audit

Audit of all SMT, PTH manufacturing process (printer, stencil, SPI, pick and place, reflow oven, wave and selective soldering, AOI)

Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses in Manufacturing Processes, Lead-free risks and Soldering Metallurgy.

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Techlity was formed in 2017 by the vision of a group of entrepreneurs who saw the lack of proper component management and good component engineers during their wide experience in the electronics industry.
Techlity was created to solve this issue and has been a success since its first days.